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I'm a writer reading for a Masters in Creative Writing at Oxford University, and working on two novels. Whew! Follow me for posts on studying creative writing, writer inspiration, book and audiobook reviews.

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Oxford university creative writing society - Lac La Biche Region

Students can study one course over two weeks, or study two courses over four weeks.

Arts Courses
- Law
- Leadership
- Enterprise
- British History
- Philosophy & Ethics
- Debate & Public Speaking

Science Courses
- Computer Science
- Maths
- Young Doctors

Literature Courses
- Creative Writing
- English Language
- Shakespeare

Our Tutors
We source the finest tutors (most of whom teach at Oxford University), hand-pick the best staff and work hard to give our students the most amazing time. In short, we aim to give our students a life-transforming summer experience. You won't just be sitting in the classroom - our Learn, See, Do approach to teaching means you'll be doing exciting Challenges where you put you learning into practice, and meeting our Heroes, young professionals who have studied your subject and gone on to great things.


I'm a writer reading for a Masters in Creative Writing at Oxford University, and working on two novels. Whew! Follow me for posts on studying creative writing, writer inspiration, book and audiobook reviews.

So I'm now studying Creative Writing at Oxford University
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What a time to be alive and a writer in Oxford, Mississippi. Why is everyone talking about the University of Mississippi’s M.F.A. program? It’s because we boast an incredibly accomplished creative writing faculty and some of the brightest hardworking students out there. Welcome to our website which will allow you the opportunity to learn about those things that make our program unique. View our short film which shows us in action—in the classroom, and in the community. Peruse the student stories in our e-brochure to learn why our graduates are succeeding at an exceptional rate and crediting UM for their results. Check out our faculty profiles to discover the exciting work our faculty writers are producing and our strong commitment to mentorship. Learn what can happen when a small, select group of students (we only accept between 6-8 a year, out of several hundred applicants) are brought to a beautiful place and provided FULL-FUNDING and nurtured intensely (our student-teacher ratio approaches 4:1). We are the M.F.A. Program at the University of Mississippi and I’m thrilled to be a part of all the wonderful things that are happening here.Geek out next summer in England, where you can attend Oxford University and learn about British art, architecture, politics and culture. The, a weeklong program of study at the oldest university in the English-speaking world, has no requirements, exams or papers and offers the choice of more than 60 courses on history, politics and creative writing. Excursions, tours, pub walks, whiskey tastings and croquet are available. The continuing education program draws students in age from 20s to 90s, many from the U.S., Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

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About this time last year, I was preparing my application for Oxford University to take part in their Masters in Creative Writing. There were many redrafts of my Personal Statement, valiant attempts to track down the appropriate referees, a scrabble to put savings together. I really, really, really wanted it. Anyway, I got all of my paperwork sorted out and became very singleminded. The course is competitive with up to 200 applicants for 30 places. I tried not to trouble myself with that and just focused on doing myself justice.

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This guide is intended for students studying Creative Writing at Oxford University Department for Continuing Education, although of course all students in this field may find it useful.

Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing

Kellogg College is a graduate-only of the in England. Founded in 1990 as Rewley House, Kellogg is the university's 36th college and the largest by number of students. It hosts research centres including the Institute of Population Ageing and the Centre for Creative Writing, and is closely identified with at Oxford.