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Daniel Schwabauer, MA, is an award-winning author and teacher. Many in the homeschool community know him as the creator and beloved teacher of a highly-praised creative writing curriculum for high school students. In response to many requests, he developed a Language Arts curriculum for middle school students as well, a magazine-writing curriculum called .

High School Creative Writing Curriculum

Novel—a highly-praised creative writing curriculum for high school students.
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The core curriculum of Milwaukee High School of the Arts focuses on the five art areas: Dance, Theatre, Music, Creative Writing, and Visual Arts. MHSA is the only school in Wisconsin to offer two hours of arts education every day for all four years of high school. Please choose an art area to explore more in depth from the left menu.

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I also fear that the removal of creative writing from the high school curriculum could affect students’ ability to think creatively and to imagine. This doesn’t only apply to entertainment like books and movies but to science also. For example, the invention of the airplane and the computer were a result of creative minds. By taking away creative writing, the world may be robbed of its next great inventor.

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My own non-profit partners with schools on serious fiction and memoir writing programs. We know it is possible to implement high-level creative writing instruction for young people because our students win more each year than any other group of children and teens in the nation. Not all creative writing curricula are created equal, and we stay true to our vision as we help eight-year-olds learn to write compelling, coherent short stories with creative transitions, character wants, obstacles, climax, dialogue, and resolve.

Content Area: English Language Arts -- High School Creative Writing.

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