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Of course, it is also important to evaluate yourself on the specific skills related to creative and critical thinking skills. It is important to sit down with the following attributes and list situations where you engaged in the following. If you cannot think of events, or you do not see yourself as engaging in those attributes often, it may be an area to work on. So look at this list of characteristics and determine on a scale of 0-5 where you stand, 0 being not a characteristic, 5 being it defines you fully:

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Creative and critical thinking are two halves of a cycle: inspiration and expiration.
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Creative thinking, as it is fostered within higher education, must be distinguished from less focused types of creativity such as, for example, the creativity exhibited by a small child’s drawing, which stems not from an understanding of connections, but from an ignorance of boundaries. Creative thinking in higher education can only be expressed productively within a particular domain. The student must have a strong foundation in the strategies and skills of the domain in order to make connections and synthesize. While demonstrating solid knowledge of the domain's parameters, the creative thinker, at the highest levels of performance, pushes beyond those boundaries in new, unique, or atypical recombinations, uncovering or critically perceiving new syntheses and using or recognizing creative risk-taking to achieve a solution.

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Poor decisions are usually due to poor thinking habits. People fail to determine what is really happening, fail to determine what decision needs to be made, fail to determine who should be involved, fail to define all critical needs, and fail to develop ideas. Once people are made more consciously aware of their thinking processes, they use their existing creativity skills much better. It’s a matter of clarifying the situation before trying to develop a solution.

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What are critical thinking and creative thinking?

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How are the domains of learning reflected in technology-rich projects?The study reported here described a small step in the direction of developing additional learning units within the traditional curriculum. It is apparent that if a teacher makes a decision to focus on improving higher order thinking and perseveres over time, the chances are good that the teacher will succeed. The purpose of this study was to explore whether teaching our specially designed learning unit would enhance the students’ critical and or creativity thinking. The unit “Probability in Daily Life” was taught to a group of tenth-grade students, with the purpose of encouraging critical thinking dispositions such as open-mindedness, truth-seeking, self-confidence and maturity. The teacher encouraged class discussion and planned investigative lessons. The students completed a pre and post CCTDI test. The findings of the present research are likely to help composing new study programs and methods that can be based on the connection between critical thinking, creative thinking and the study of mathematics, which this research brings.

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Freedom as I said before. And time. And were I forced to try and be critical or creative about Russian Literature - I would not, as I have explained . So there is a deep problem with the attempt to actually teach critical and creative skills using techniques simply called critical and creative thinking.

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I was initially attracted to the CCT program because I had several colleagues who were engaged in it and they found it demanding work. As a teacher and trainer, one of my main needs was to find a challenging program that would engage me, and I found it in the Critical and Creative Thinking program. The entire program is designed to teach those in education, social services, business, science and the arts to learn how to think and to learn how to teach others to think. I have used the ideas, readings and research discussed in classes to advance my own career in the public health field and to become a better trainer and manager. The Critical Creative Thinking program has intellectual integrity, and more than that it has a profound effect on the personal growth of many of the students. Even as a very part time student, I gained from the community of students and faculty who are really interested in and dedicated to challenge and growth in the human experience.

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No matter what process you chose, the ultimate goal is to generate ideas that are unique, useful and worthy of further elaboration. Often times, critical thinking is performed after creative thinking has generated various possibilities. Critical thinking is used to vet those ideas to determine if they are practical.