congratulations chief on your new assignment at Aljazeera

Congratulations on your new assignments. The people of those parishes are blessed to have you to minister to them. I’m very happy that you have a school to administer to, also. You have a wonderful way with students and they will thrive under your guidance. God bless you and safe travels “home”.

Congratulations on your new assignment

Congratulations Angela on your new assignment in Savannah Chatham County School District!
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Congratulations, Wayne, on your new assignment!

Congratulations on your new assignment. How wonderful to be associated with a parish that has a school. I will continue to keep you in my prayers. I hope that you will still have time to blog about your new assignment. I have certainly enjoyed reading your blogs about life in Rome and your explanations of church laws.

Congratulations on your new assignment with Paramount Staffing

You will be busy, for sure! Congratulations! I love hearing the excitement as you write about your new assignments. The churches are lovely and I pray that the transition will be smooth. I do hope that you are able to find the time to continue to blog. I don’t follow many blogs on a daily basis (not even a handful!), but yours is one that I enjoy seeing in my inbox. God bless you! Michele F.

congratulations on your new assignment at the BBC!! You totally deserve it - very proud of you xxx
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On behalf of Air Force Housing professionals around the world, congratulations on your new assignment and we encourage you to reach out for personalized service to create a seamless transition to your new home.PS Sorry the mention of your 12th anniversary celebration and congratulations got lost in the shuffle on Sun. 😦 It was truly unintended. Loved the Don Henley style of announcing your new assignment:) Congratulations on your new assignment at Smith College. As a parent of an international student (from India), it was a difficult decision both financially and emotionally to see our daughter leave home two and a half years ago. But, today, having seen her transform into this accomplished young woman, we can’t thank Smith College and the faculty and staff more than what they have already done. We look forward to your leadership to help such young women take on the world in their own right and prove their worth by their capabilities and accomplishments. Congratulations on your new assignment and welcome to the foreign affairs community! As you plan for your departure, there are many preparations you must make. This is a very exciting time for you but it is not without its stresses. The foreign affairs lifestyle is unique and one that many outsiders have trouble grasping. While your immediate family (spouse / partner / children) may be accompanying you to post, your parents, other relatives, and friends will no doubt barrage you with questions about where you're going and why, what your life at post will be like, and when they will see and hear from you again.

Congratulations on your new assignment and welcome to Hawai'i

Ellen Mior Congratulations for your Appointment to the Commission.I am sure the commission will benefit from your wealth of experience as a Teacher,Motivator,Guidance Counsellor,& Educational Administrator.I hope you will bring your wealth of experience from the Teachers Centre for the Success of the Commission’s Work.I wish you all the Best of Luck in your new Assignment.I Completed Three online courses run by your Centre. I benefited from these courses.I recommended your courses to Many Teachers in Nigeria where i Live they will soon be in contact with your Centre for Advisory Services for enrolling in your online Courses.

Congratulations on your new assignment Father Mark White

Congratulations on the new assignment! I am glad for the new work. It always means lots of excitement for me when I go somewhere new, but usually means some stress as well! Watch yourself. Pace yourself. Blessings for you and your Wife!

Congratulations on your new assignment Col

Welcome to our New Employee Orientation website!On behalf of the entire Human Resources Management Department, I am pleased to extend congratulations to you upon your recent employment at this dynamic university. I am certain you will enjoy your assignment here as you join the ranks of our talented and friendly team of faculty, staff, and administration.Please take a few moments to browse through this website to find answers to the most commonly asked questions facing new employees here at CSU Dominguez Hills. Here you will also find many valuable links to other campus websites which will be very beneficial in obtaining pertinent information about policies, procedures, and operations.Live orientation will also be available on a monthly basis where further opportunities will exist for you to become familiar with your assignment and your opportunities as part of the Toro Team at CSU Dominguez Hills.Again, welcome and best wishes!