1. Cause and Effect Essay – The Causes of Divorce

Cause and effect essays are a common type of paper that you may be asked to write for one of your classes. They are fairly self explanatory: your goal should be to show how one thing causes another or how one thing effects another. An important part of this is to show it. It isn’t enough just to tell your reader that one thing causes another; you should break it down into a detailed explanation that shows cause at every step. This is important two things that are related or happen at the same time do not mean that once caused the other. It can be very difficult to write a cause and effect paper on a large topic that you don’t have first hand knowledge of, because it will be difficult to gather enough evidence to show your reader how one thing caused the other. So it can be a good idea to choose a topic that you know well and that you have personal evidence for.One idea for a cause and effect topic is divorce—it is something that the majority of Americans have personal experience with, as divorce rates steadily rise. But there is a lot that is unknown about what causes divorce. Here are 15 great cause and effect essay topics on divorce:

Cause and Effect Essay – The Causes of Divorce

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Obviously, you are going to have to refine your topic. The easiest essay would be one that presents only causes or only effects. Even then, however, you may have to narrow your approach, dependent upon the length parameters of your instructor. If, as most experts agree, there are 10 major causes of divorce, you may want to select only three for your causes of divorce essay.

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Although people trend to think carefully before they get marriage, the rates of divorce continuously rise nowadays. The essay analyzes causes and effects of divorce. There are three main causes of divorce: changing woman’s roles, stress in modern living and lack of communication. Nevertheless, there are also the two different ways in effects, which are negative and positive effects. Some couples, which have no children, divorce by consent, therefore divorce should be good solution for couples to deal with this problem. On the other hand, some couples having children in their family should think deliberatively before they end their marriage in divorce; otherwise innocent children probably become victims for this situation.

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...Divorce: Cause and Effect Essay Keecha Parker December 11, 2011 Introduction In this day and age divorce is occurring rapidly. From researching divorce statistics at least 50% of marriages will end in divorce if the current trends continue. Divorce simply means separation; disunion of things closely united according to the Accurate and Reliable Dictionary. Divorce can be a cause and effect therefore, throughout the paper the three causes will be explained and three effects will follow. Three Main Points From the research not all marriages fail for the same reasons one of the causes of divorce are communications problems. This may occur before the couple come together as one. Couples don’t communicate because of pressing issues that each individual may be experiencing or if the expectations was not clear from the beginning of the relationship. Also, talking about your feelings in a marriage is important because then you can figure out exactly how to improve in a relationship but if they are not discussed than this to can fail a marriage. Also, if a couple does not communicate pre-marital issues before tying the knot then they will realize during the marriage things should have been set before. Therefore, these issues can get worst during the marriage. Financial issues are a huge reason divorces occur often. In marriages financial hardships hurts marriages because of unemployement, uncertainty, unequal financial position, and excessive spending. With each of these...

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Divorce is financially and emotionally traumatic, a serious concern because nearly five of ten marriages separate. Lack of communication in relationships is considered a major reason for marital divorce. A century ago, when many marriages were economically and politically motivated, conversation might have been less significant. In today’s society, however, most adults have free will to marry and subsequently divorce whom they please. Identifying the reason for this wall in communication is important, as divorce rates are continually rising. An essay has been published claiming to solve this gap in communication, stating that it stems from economic and political causes. Contrary, economics and politics have stimulated public and private conversation since before Alexander. More simply, differences in both gender’s expectations and purposes of conversation have created this barrier.

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More than half of the marriages in America end in divorce. That’s a pretty stunning figure, and it could be your introductory statement of a cause and effect essay on divorce.