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I started writing in calligraphy about two years ago. I literally went out and bought any old black ink and a nib and holder, and just started writing. Two years later I have based a good part of my business on writing calligraphy, as one of the very first things I wrote was a scripture card. But I will admit, had I done just a little bit of research or even taken a class, I would have saved myself a lot of headaches those first few tries. People often ask me what they need to get started and besides just the desire to write pen to paper, here are a few things I would recommend as you get started on your fun journey writing calligraphy.

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Use this specially ruled paper to practice perfect calligraphy writing
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Flex nibs are rounded with two tines that come to a point, and the line variation comes from the tines' ability to split. The more they separate, the wider the line width. To get the tines to separate, you apply pressure as you write. Usually, this happens during the down strokes as the nib tends to catch on paper if you do a heavy up stroke. This is the technique used in most modern and pointed pen calligraphy.

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Islamic calligraphy is applied on a wide range of decorative mediums other than paper, such as tiles, vessels, carpets, and inscriptions. Before the advent of paper, papyrus and parchment were used for writing. The advent of paper revolutionized calligraphy. While monasteries in Europe treasured a few dozen volumes, libraries in the regularly contained hundreds and even thousands of books.:218

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One of the important things to realize and remember about lettering is that it is not the same as cursive.When we write in cursive, we write quickly & do not lift our pen from the paper unless we are starting a new word. When we do calligraphy, we lift the pen between each and every stroke- even multiple times within the same letter. Calligraphy is not as quick as cursive by any means!To practise calligraphy requires the basic tools of 'four treasures of study' (writing brush, ink stick, paper, and ink slab) as well as much concentration on guiding the soft writing brush charged with fluid ink, and writing on the paper where the ink will diffuse quickly. Once the brush movement hesitates, a black mark is created, so speed, strength and agility is the essence of fine artwork. When writing, many calligraphers will forget all worries and even themselves, combining all thoughts in the beauty of their art. Thus it can be compared with , which also can mould and improve a person's temper and promote well being.

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When I first started TPK, I wrote out a lot of commissions like wedding vows and poems on drawing paper. I made nearly all of those pieces on that paper because it’s heavy, high-quality, easy to write on, and acid-free (which means it won’t interact adversely with the ink over time). I made all of the calligraphy and illustrations for the worksheet set on Strathmore 70 lb. paper, and was very happy with the results.

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Hi Lindsey, I have been following you for a while now and I love your website! I plan on doing my own wedding stationaries so I have some questions:
1. What about writing on cotton rag paper (like the ones used for wedding stationaries)? Do you have any recommendations on the types of nibs and ink suitable for this type of paper?
2. This is probably out of topic, but I’m curious – do calligraphers write menus and invitations for weddings / parties on each cotton rag paper or do they digitize and print them out?
3. Is there any specific paper you like to use for wedding projects? And where do you purchase them?
4. Annnd, I might as well post this question here: are there any nibs you recommend using on textured paper? I purchased some art papers with textured lines and I have difficulty writing on them, probably due to the bumpy lines.

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It is common for calligraphers to experience ink that bleeds or feathers, particularly when writing on paper that you didn’t purchase yourself {i.e. envelopes that are shipped/dropped off for client orders}.