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Business Plan Pro is one of the leading business planning applications on the market. In this review, we'll dive deeper into the software and look at some of its finer features to see if it is a worthwhile investment for your business.

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And that is, I'm going to throw in an expert Business Plan Review absolutely free...
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Business Plan Review (BPR)“The data sets you free.”AMERICANICON

The company overview provides a quick review of the company’s legal structure and location, as well as some background on the company’s history if you’re writing the plan for an existing business.

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The numbers are totaled as you go so that you see the progress of the plan construction and its financial feasibility. It's all organized in a tabbed user interface (UI) that feels more "desktop-ish" than "webpage-ish." I kept closing sections only to realize I should have switched to another tab before clicking Save. Some entrepreneurs may be more comfortable working that way, but for this longtime Web user, the UI was a little off-putting. It's one of the reasons I felt the Business Plan Shop didn't merit the Editors' Choice in this business plan software review roundup, an award that instead went to and .

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(c)In addition to the requirements of ,whenever a substantial change in the handler’s operations occurs which requiresa modification of its business plan the handler shall submit a copy of the planrevisions to the Department within five (5) days of the operational change.I've written, seen, or reviewed HUNDREDS of business plans, models, executive summaries, and investor presentation decks. I offer a combination of financial and legal training, years of both operating and business development experience, and polished writing skills from authoring 3 best-selling business books myself (no ghostwriters). (d)The handler shall, in any case, review thebusiness plan submitted pursuant to subdivisions (a), (c), and (g) at leastonce every two years to determine if a revision is needed and shall certify tothe Department that the review was made and that any necessary changes weremade to the plan. A copy of these changes shall be submitted to the Departmentas a part of this certification.Resolution of the paradox is called management. It involves judgment. The owners, operators and managers of the business have the responsibility of distinguishing between consistently applying long-term strategy and blindly following a failing plan. There are no easy rules for this, but the first place to look for clues is in false assumptions. Has the real world proven wrong the assumptions on which your strategy is based? This kind of subjective judgment is what makes business management so important. The planning process, with its regular review, is critical.

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The report you will get for the business plan review will not be a fat document, but it will concentrate on the extent to which your plan makes clear:

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Once your business plan is complete, you can book a one-on-one consultation with our team where we will review your business plan to ensure you started in the right direction.

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Surprisingly, Business Plan Pro’s website doesn’t feature many reviews of BPP – most are about LivePlan. They do have a few posted though, including these: