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The company based most of its strategies on serving all the market niches that were available in the industry. The company wanted to ensure that lovers of sport, travelers, business entertainers, the night crowds from local areas, and even families all enjoyed the experience of Sports Bar and Grill. To fulfill all these needs, the firm tailored its products from the standard customized version to one that met the needs of every clientele in the Southeast region (Anderson np). In order to achieve this, the firm enhanced its infrastructure in order to improve products and customers’ experience to broader geographical regions. The motive behind this was to maintain quality as well as create strong identities in every local market. The identity became important in acquiring critical masses. Market contributes hugely to success of any company and this proved vital to Sports Bar too. This enabled market expansion. In addition, identity became important in ensuring the firm fought its way into the market for future expansion. Besides, market identity helped the firm create franchises with the local stores. The firm planned to market its franchise between 1997 and 1998 (Entrepreneur np). The company also adopted a number of marketing strategies. Most, if not all firms, must undertake marketing activities. This is because marketing enables firms to educate customers more on their products and the benefits they could acquire from using such. Sports Bar and Grill being both a merchandising and service industry felt advertisement through radio would provide it with numerous options. Thus, the firm adopted use of local media and marketing of events to attract local customers. The firm planned on adopting broader media as the business grew. As the firm grew, it also adopted free publicity as a method of marketing its products. This involved live broadcastings that proved to be more affordable and effective than advertising. The firm also developed numerous marketing programs to ensure marketing strategies became a success. Key to this involved proper budgeting for the strategy and setting aside funds to undertake these activities.

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Getting a business plan is also an essential element of any business. Writing a business plan yourself might not be so easy, and you can either pay a professional business plan writer to write one for you or go online to get sample templates that can act as a guide to writing yours. It is for this reason that a sample sports bar and grill business plan is written for you below;

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Zie Carroll, Lovedy Ann, "Bone Rattlers Bar & Grill business plan" (2009). UNLV Theses, Dissertations, Professional Papers, and Capstones. 590.

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Savings of about $20,000 The Ultimate Sports Bar & Grill aims to create an environment where sports fans throughout the Niagara Region can come together and share their passion, enthusiasm, and love of sports. This presentation will give you a high level overview of the business plan in front of you. "Unleash your inner sport" Mr. Kyle's role in the business is to manage the overall operations of the restaurant, act as a bar manager, and manage the Human Resources department. The Ultimate Sports Bar & Grill has classified objectives into short and long term goals

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But even though you have primary responsibility for drafting a business plan for your bar and grill restaurant, you aren't entirely alone. These days, there are tons of great resources and solutions available to support the business plan writing process.

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The discussion on sports bars business plan will be based on Take Five Sports Bar and Grill. The bar established itself as one of the most successful food and beverage firms in the industry. The business is located in Medlock Bridge. It earned around $2 million shillings in gross profit during its first year of operation. Operations in its first year were projected to produce a net profit of about $445 000. This amount would be generated from an initial investment of $625,000. Plans for expansion of the bar were also put in place (Entrepreneur np). This would be enabled through owner funding and cash generated from internal operations. Additionally, management took into account the extremely high growth enabled by quick success and the returns-on investment from initial location. In the first year of operations, cash flows from operations have been projected to be positive. The same applies to the profits projected. Five Sports Bar and Restaurant management set its objectives while taking into consideration its execution of operations, marketability, and its level of control. Its initial objective involved, opening five other similar stores within the first three years of operation (Ryan np). In addition, the firm put in place plans to ensure that operations and controls in the firm would be undertaken through a computerized system. The management also wanted to ensure that food and beverage costs would be kept below 32% and 21% of revenue respectively. Lastly, the firm had an aim of setting its businesses in locations that would provide total success. The firm also aimed to acquire annual sales volume ranging from $3 to $5 million from each of the locations. The mission was to ensure that Take Five Sports Bar and Grill becomes a leading bar and restaurant in the Southeast Region. The firm aimed to achieve this by providing state-of-the-art facilities to ensure that it remained top in competition. The key to this success involved a number of activities including, provision of high quality products and services, and 78proper management of finances to ensure new locations open at the required intervals. More importantly, the firm set up management controls in order to monitor activities from different locations. This aids in both product and financial control.