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Prepare one set of forms for each proposed funding year as well as a cumulative budget summary if applicable. Direct any questions regarding indirect cost rates, employee benefit rates, percents of time, etc., to your campus research office.

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The proposal development process includes reading the guidelines, developing a timeline for completing the proposal, budget development, revision and editing of the narrative and other documents, submission of the final version, and submission of any updates required or allowed by the sponsor. The Office of Research staff will provide assistance throughout the process. In nearly every instance, the Office of Research is responsible for submitting the final proposal, usually in an electronic format.

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Planning is a key element of successful proposals. The Office of Research must know the deadlines of all proposals under development as early as possible. Schedule a meeting with the Office of Research to go over the program’s guidelines, to set up a timeline for finishing all the required sections of the proposal, to plan for technical support, to review the budget, and to coordinate the final proposal submission. Research involving foreign nationals or travel outside the United States must follow federal laws restricting the export of technology and information. Proposals with subawards require additional time for the Office of Research to coordinate with the subawardee’s sponsored research office. Contact Director of Proposal Development to set up the initial meeting.

Please see  of the Research Handbook for guidance on the inclusion of Administrative and Clerical Salaries in proposal budgets.
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The proposed project director/principal investigator (PD/PI) is responsible for providing a complete budget as part of the proposal submission package. The Office of Sponsored Programs created the to assist in crafting budgets for sponsored research proposal submissions. The campus research community is encouraged to use this tool.

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The most common form of cost sharing is committing salaries and fringe benefits without requesting compensation from the sponsor. For example: if a proposal states that a researcher will contribute 10% of her time to a project during the first budget period, but her salary will not be charged to the award, then the PI's department has committed to pay the cost of the dollar amount (i.e. cost share) equal to 10% of the researcher's salary, plus associated fringe benefits.

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USE THE RIGHT COST CATEGORIES. Use unless a sponsor's budget form or policies require more detailed organization. Try to assign the costs using general descriptions that can be tracked and reported through LLU's financial system. For example, if the proposed supply costs are test tubes and beakers, these costs should be combined in one general description as lab glassware. LLU's accounting system can track lab glassware under account code 72107, "research project supplies," but does not have an account code specifically for test tubes.