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gave us the diastolic and systolic blood pressure; using these we were able to calculate the mean arterial pressure for the subject. The respiratory rate was calculated by the subject counting their breathes for fifteen seconds while another student watched the time, then we multiplied the number of breathes taken by 4 to get breathes per minute. The electrical activity of a student in the class was measured with a BioAmp computer component that graphed a cardiogram that showed the peaks and waves of heart electrical activity. The vital volume was measured using a spirometer and software that graphed the volume of my breath. Methods The automatic sphygmomanometer measured the subject’s pulse and blood pressure on its on with only minimal prompting from the group. When we used the spirometer I breathed regularly for a minute, the change in volume from the bottom of a peak to the top of a peak represented my tidal volume. Then took as big of a breathe as I could, then we measured the change in volume from my normal peaks to the top of that last peak and that was my inspiratory reserve volume. Again I breathed regularly then I exhaled all of my air to figure out my expiratory reserve volume. The electrocardiogram was created by the computer software pre- loaded on the computers, we placed the negative electrode to the right wrist, the positive to the left, and the grounded electrode to our subject’s ankle. The program then recorded and plotted a electrocardiogram for our subject’s heartbeat. The equation used to calculate the mean arterial pressure was found in our lab manual and is

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Looking back at the hypothesis, it was hypothesized that after reclining for three minutes the arterial pressure and pulse rate will both decrease. Cross referencing the given data with the hypothesis, it was found that the results didn’t fully match with the hypothesis. The blood pressure did, in fact, decrease due to the relaxation state that the subject was in. On the other hand, the pulse rate stayed the same. Reflecting on that and looking at the variables in the environment, it could be said that the subject wasn’t in a state of full relaxation. The subject was instructed to recline on a cold lab table with other subjects and groups in the room. It is possible that the discrepancy in this experiment was the environment in which the subject was instructed to recline and relax.National Schooling Organization. We additionally train the technical and functional competencies essential to translate these design concepts into reality. Checklists: assemble a guidelines for revising and verify your draft. Representational democracy is a means of creating a facade of democracy even as strength stays firmly held in the palms of the few. Karnataka Financial lab report on blood pressure Restricted has been regarded the top-rated rated industrial scheduled financial institution in the nation by the Reserve Financial institution of India.

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As part of my module Nip1002 I was required to perform a set of observational skills which included; pulse, blood pressure, respirations, hand washing and urinalysis and then compare them to previous results. In this lab report I am going to discuss blood pressure in detail.