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As you are trying to provide the most comprehensive description of your life, you can do it in many different ways. You could arrange your life events chronologically, starting with the earliest time. Here, you should not forget about logic and sequence. Make sure you start with your childhood experiences and make smooth transitions to adolescence and present time. Sequence is crucial when you learn how to write an annotated bibliography for your paper. Don't speak about your adolescent days before you highlight the most memorable events of childhood. When you follow this advice, you will have everything needed to produce a good autobiographical essay.

Your search returned over 400 essays for "autobiographical"

Use these tips when narrowing down topics for your autobiographical essay:
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Whether you choose to use the MLA style of bibliographyorAPA style of bibliographyfor your paper, it does not really matter as you have to be particularly careful with adding some spice to your life events. Of course, you want to make your autobiographical essay look unusual and different from others, but you have to avoid overloading your work with the spicy details and comments that are not necessary. The point about a good autobiographical essay is in choosing the right balance and setting a good boundary on using spicy details. Also, don't speak about the things, which never happened in your life. Otherwise, your essay will not be truly autobiographical. You need to remember it, as you are trying to learn how to write a bibliographyor a good autobiographical essay.

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A traditional autobiography may be hundreds of pages and can cover dozens of mundane interactions in minute detail. A graduate school autobiographical essay, however, should be much shorter and to the point, highlighting achievements and life events that are relevant to your studies or display an important aspect of your character. Before you begin writing, make an outline of the most important points you want to cover. This can make it much easier to tell a clear, logical story that gets you into the school of your dreams.

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OBJECTIVES: to learn strategies for choosing a significant, narrowed subject; and, generating
specific, concrete details.
GOAL: to produce an autobiographical essay that shows rather than tells as it presents a significant
main point about you, as an individual.
ASSIGNMENT: Write a 750-1000 word autobiographical essay about a significant event /
moment in your life. Your audience for this essay is your classmates in ILA—in other words, other
students, more than likely about your same age, who appreciate quality, college-level writing and
who want to know something substantial and important about you.
The event / moment that you select might not be earth-shattering, and it might not be
exemplary, but that does not mean that it did not leave a lasting impression on you—and cannot
leave a lasting impression on your readers. Your purpose is to entertain as well as to instruct, as
you teach the audience something about yourself through the use of specific details, narration, and
A successful essay will have a narrowed / focused event (a particular moment in time), a
clear dominate impression, and a clear main point (significance). Less effective essays will tell a
long story without having any focus; they will not answer the question “So What?”The autobiographical essay should be an account of the applicant's life history and experiences. Please note that this is not a personal statement or a statement of reasons for applying to PA school. The maximum length for this essay is 3200 characters, including spaces.

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An autobiographical essay can be structured as:
1. A statement on yourself, your beliefs and outlook on life.
2. The background and course of life and important influences.
3. The achievements and highlights.
4. Your philosophy and values.
5. Your general attitude to the society.

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Whether an essay is fiction or nonfiction, the autobiographical essay style provides a valuable point of view that a writer can use to present his ideas. He is, first of all, presenting a story or series of stories about some period of his life, often mentioning the thoughts and feelings that he experienced during that time. At another level, though, he is older and able to reflect on those events from a distance. This gives him the ability to comment on what he did right and wrong, on the long-term consequences of his actions, and on what he learned from the events in retrospect. Some autobiographical essays actually explicitly separate the younger narrator as a participant in the actions and the older writer as a reflective voice.

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With that said, maintain a certain level of sophistication in your writing so that the judges recognize your skills. Don’t fall into a casual conversational tone, but keep in mind that your writing should reflect your voice. The reader should be able to see your personality in the essay through your style, tone, and voice. After you’ve written your autobiographical essay, remember to edit and revise your essay several times. Have your teachers, peers, and family read over it and give you feedback and suggestions for improvement. As always, feel free to email us through the page if you’d like some help brainstorming or if you’d like a Scholarship Junkie to read over your essay and give you comments and feedback.