The 3 best article directories are:

Thank you for the information i also wana know that using article submission services such as UAW how many articles can we submit for a single domain if we are submitting to at-least 400 blogs and directories so that google does not think of it as scam

Indeed one of the web's most visited and best article directory.

Awesome article directory. I immediately started getting the traffic after publishing my article.
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3. Submit the whole thing to an article directory.

If your article is good, it will probably be acceptable to most article directories. Focus on your article rather than finding an easy way out to submit your article.

Other article directories (ordered by PageRank)

As for writing articles and submitting them to directories, this also doesn’t work well. It used to in the past, but these sites have little to no authority and the content quality on their directory sites are so bad that they don’t even rank well on Google.

I am looking for best article directories that are easy to accept my articles.
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This is the best Article directory out there and it has no restrictions for the content like all the others! And the best part is that you can even promote all your products for FREE!Great directory that gives authors an author grade based on their writing skill and uniqueness of content! They have good guidelines and seem to only publish well written articles. I recommend it for professionals looking to gain recognition for their writing skill. Easy to use! - sdmartyProbably the most important article directory out there. Very well moderated, high pagerank, almost guaranteed indexing of your articles, and followed links.Since I love article marketing and at the same time I use them to generate traffic to my blog, I though why not find some dofollow article directories and use them as well, to get more than just targeted traffic, backlinks! Backlinks that count when it comes to SEO.I have been blogging about a couple of months now, and I have heard many different things about different ways of driving traffic to my blog. I have tried many things and I still do. But nothing has worked better for me than article submission. And no I dont even use any article submission software, I submit all of my articles manually. Yes its painful and it takes a lot of time, but well worth it. Every day I get more than 25%(and rising) of my traffic from article directories that I have submitted my articles too.I guess it is better to submit the articles to as many directories as possible, regardless of their PR of Alexa ranks because nowadays the links gained from article submission may not be that powerful in terms of SEO but some decent traffic shares could be generated and naturally more sources would offer greater visibility.

Article Directories' Linking Advantages

PR-0 backlinks on non-context-relevant sites simply have no value to you, for off-page SEO. This was true even as long ago as 2010, when SEO textbook writers were explaining why, in linkjuice terms, something between 50,000 and 100,000 of those "backlinks" were equivalent to one backlink from a site. And that was even before all the 2011/12 Panda updates decimated the SEO potential of article directories, and the Penguin update started penalizing the sites linked to. It's completely futile, and far more likely to damage your business than to help it.

allot thanks for getting article directory list a great thanks….

I have written for a few of these sites myself. I really like iSnare as they can help blast your selected article to other article directories and sites. The owners of the site will be presented with your article, which they can either decide to re-publish on their site, or decline to do so.

Just opened a new Home Improvement article directory

Is it alright to submit to multiple article directories in same time? Meaning i have a new article and i submit it to ezine articles for example...should i wait until it gets approved and published before i submit to the rest of article directories or is it ok to submit in same time to all?