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The most wholly consistent animal rights position available today is Gary L. Francione’s. In philosophical essays such as these his dedication to defining what it means to give the interests of nonhumans equal moral consideration shines through in a remarkably clear and uncompromising way. Francione conducts a rigorous cross-examination of utilitarianism (animal liberation theory), alternative animal rights and animal welfare views, feminist care ethics as applied to animals, and United States animal protection law, all of which creates a more meaningful and compelling context for his own approach. Those who seriously engage with this book will not only expand their horizons but also demand a much higher standard of argument in this field ever after.

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However, it is the purpose of this essay to convince the reader otherwise. The question at hand is: do animals deserve rights? It must certainly be true. Humans deserve rights and this claim is made on numerous appeals. Of one of the pertinent pleas is made on the claim that humans can feel emotions. More importantly, that humans are capable of suffering, and that to inflict such pain is unethical. Those who observe the tortures of the Nazi Concentration Camp are instilled with a humane creed held for all humans. But if there is no significant gulf between humans, that is to say there is no gulf based on skin color, creed, or gender that will make one human more or less valuable than any other, then by what right can a gulf be drawn out between humans and our fellow creatures? The suffering of humans is why we sympathize with each other. Since animals suffer, they deserve our sympathy.

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A pretty good essay No commentsChris MorraEn-105-03Animal RightsIn Brigid Brophy's essay, The Rights of Animals, there are some statements that I agree with and some that I don't. Unlike Brigid Brophy, I am not a vegetarian, nor would I ever become one, but I do believe that animals have certain rights.I feel that there is nothing wrong with killing an animal for food. Animals have been killing each other for food in order to survive since dinosaurs roamed the earth. Human beings, as we all know, are also animals. So how is it wrong for a person to kill an animal for food?Many vegetarians and animal activists contradict themselves by trying to protect an animal from being killed for food, when in fact, the animal that they are trying to protect is also a meat eater that kills another animal for food. Why is it all right for that animal to kill for food, but not for a human to kill for food? There is no answer to that question. Food is a major part of survival on this planet and if it takes the death of an animal to survive then there is nothing wrong with killing it.In Brophy's essay she writes, 'If we are going to rear and kill animals for our food, I think we have moral obligation to spare them pain and terror.' I agree with this statement very much. There is no reason to torture animals or put them through unnecessary pain. There are many ways to kill an animal without causing it any pain.2I have two different feelings for hunting. I feel that if someone is hunting for food then there is nothing wrong with it. However, I don't feel that it is right to hunt and kill animals for fun or for competition. Too many animals are killed each year by hunters that don't even eat the animals that they kill. Many hunters just cut the heads of animals off and stuff them so that they can hang them on their walls at home. Most hunters feel that it is an accomplishment to sneak up on a harmless animal such as a dear and...

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Thank you so much for your comment! I wish I knew some of the facts and I had some of your suggestions to add to my essay. It would of helped my case for my writing 101 class. My professor loved it! She gave me an A+ on it! She said I opened up her eyes and she said I added points to the pro side of animal rights that she never heard before!

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Once the body paragraphs are written, the conclusion is the last part of the essay that needs to be completed. There are a few requirements for a concluding paragraph and without them your persuasive animal rights essay might not seem completed. Each conclusion should include a rephrasing of the thesis, so the reader is reminded of the purpose of the essay. Many writers also like to include restated facts. Then, the essay should be finished with a call-to-action or a question that will leave the reader considering the topic.

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Look at the model animal rights essay below. The second body
paragraph discusses the first opinion, but the topic sentence makes it
clear that this paragraph is also representing the writers opinion as
However, I do not believe these arguments stand up to
This now means that in two body paragraphs you have covered all
three parts of the question from the animal rights essay: