1. Keep your essay to 250 words in length.

Everyone who applies to Yale Law School must write, in addition to a personal statement, what is affectionately known as the Yale 250. This is a completely open-ended short essay (250 words, obviously) on any topic of the applicant’s choice. It sounds easy. It can become terrifying. If you decide to apply to Yale, have fun with it, but do treat this sucker to your best writing treatment. With this requirement, the committee wants to see that you are an excellent writer. Try to get some sort of powerful imagery or clever literary device in your Yale 250. Don’t be too experimental or abstract unless you actually have won a writing award. Simple clarity with some sort of profound thrust is the best target to aim for here. Witty humor is also great, if you can pull it off. Below is a collection of six very good examples of Yale 250s, in no particular order of success. The first essay includes some comments about why it succeeds, but the other short essays are presented on their own, to be enjoyed, or savored, or laughed at, or learned from.

is the 250 word essay thing a meme? i don't get it or why it's funny

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Essay #1 (Required for all applicants. Approximately 250 words.)

Hi Liz,
As you have said that under-length essay gets penalized. Can you please tell me by how much does it affect the band score? For example if I have written an essay deserving band score 8.0. But I have written only 220 words instead of 250, how many band score points would be deducted? Is there a percentage ?

: 250 word essay $1500 Due 1/31/2017

Amount: $1,000
Typically in December
How to win: Do you play in your high school band or orchestra? Can you write 250 words about a music-related essay prompt? (You totally can.) Then you should apply for this scholarship from School Band and Orchestra Magazine. Sure, learning how to play the clarinet wasn’t easy—but applying for this scholarship is. .

2. Don’t write your 250-word essay about the process of writing a 250-word essay.
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Amount: $500
Twice a year
Typically in September and March
How to win: Okay, this might not seem like the simplest scholarship in the world, because you technically have to write two essays. But they both call for a maximum of 500 words. So you could write 250 for each prompt—of course, you’d need to really knock them out of the park. The first essay is about where you would go to further your career, and the second is about why you deserve to win the scholarship. You also need to be between the ages of 16–25 and have at least a 2.5 GPA. Oh, and you need to like their Facebook page too, but that’s easy enough. .