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Instructors are required to assign a (8 – 12 page) research paper that addresses the outcomes identified on this Course Master. The theme of the research paper must relate directly to the Honors Colloquium topic.

10-12 Page Research Paper Topics.

Use 12 point size; Double space the entire research paper, even the works cited page.
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Length: All submitted research papers must be formatted according to the instructions below. The main content of that paper must be no more than 12 pages in length, although we will allow up to additional 4 pages for the bibliography and appendices describing additional material, as described below.

The first paragraph poses the research question.

Research Papers
Research Papers will occupy up to 12 journal pages and have a manuscript length of not more than 63,000 characters (including spaces). Abstracts will be limited to 200 words. A manuscript of 28-32 typed, double-spaced pages (including Materials and Methods, References, Tables, and Figure Legends) with a total of seven single-column (7.5 x 7.5 cm) figures and/or tables translates to 12 journal pages. Text should be double-spaced and of approximately 12 font size.

The maximum research paper length, inclusive of ALL material, is 12 pages
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In 2011, PACIS attracted 529 paper submissions to 27 tracks. Each paper was peer reviewed in a process that typically involved two blind reviews and a final recommendation from the track chairs. The acceptance rate for both full papers (12 pages excluding cover page and references) and research-in-progress papers (7 pages excluding cover page and references) was 38%. 300 delegates from over 40 countries attended the conference, which was held at the QUT campus. There were be 182 full papers, each presented in a 30-minute presentation, plus 18 poster presentations of research-in-progress papers. In addition, several workshops and a Doctoral Consortium (23 students) were associated with the conference. Full papers, research-in-progress (RIP) papers, and RIP-formatted doctoral consortium papers (the latter for students who consented to publication of their papers) are included in these Proceedings.

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As approved by the English Division in l999, the major assessment instrument will be the documented research paper, which will be worth at least 20% of the final course grade. The paper should be from 8 to 12 pages in length, use either MLA or APA documentation, and adhere to the outcomes identified in the Course Master for the research assignment. The Course Master outcomes expand upon the outcomes identified as common to both English 132 (Honors) and English 135. Through this assignment, students will achieve General Education Outcome 1, Reading and Writing Proficiency, by demonstrating the ability to accomplish the following:

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